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Things also heat up here in the north

No wellness holiday would be complete without a visit to our diverse sauna area. A sauna session is beneficial to your health at any time of year. The sauna area is open daily from April to September from 4 pm to 9.30 pm, and from October to March from 3 pm.

Finnish sauna
The hot classic

Temperatures around 80-90 °C and a humidity level of 10-30% characterize the most well-known type of sauna. It is recommended to take a maximum of 1-3 sauna sessions of 8-15 minutes each. Afterward, you should cool down, dry off, and rest.

Steam bath
Relief for the respiratory system

In the steam bath, milder temperatures around 40-55 °C and nearly 100% humidity prevail. This type of sauna is popular among beginners and has particularly positive effects on the skin and respiratory system. However, you should also cool down afterwards.

Bio sauna
Sweating gently

With changing lights, a temperature around 50°C, and humidity of 40-50%, everyone who prefers a gentler experience can relax. The bio sauna is also excellent for beginners as it is easier on the circulatory system.

Infrared cabin
The healthier sunbath

In the infrared cabin, you will be exposed to healing, long-wave infrared waves. Temperatures range from 35-50°C. The infrared sauna strengthens the immune system, relieves pain, and promotes circulation.

Rest area
Unwind and relax

Whether you're coming from the Finnish sauna, the steam bath, or the infrared cabin – the positive effects unfold only when you properly rest afterward. This way, you regain strength and are ready for the next adventure.


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