It can be that simple

Sometimes the best is right in front of us

Ingredients flown halfway around the world? Having everything available all year round? We believe that neither benefits us nor the environment. That's why we make sure to use regional and seasonal products whenever possible when creating our menu. We're sure you'll enjoy the taste too!

Local producers


Whether it's North Sea shrimps or monkfish, beef, game, or goose, tomatoes, pumpkin, or wild herbs - everything that tastes good and is healthy lives or grows right near Bösehof. Most of the ingredients we use in our kitchen come from local, trusted sources. This ensures the highest quality.

Many good reasons

Why all this, you ask? Because eating regionally and seasonally demonstrably saves CO2 and thus protects the environment, but also because fresh, sun-ripened food contains more vitamins and minerals and meats from species-appropriate husbandry require fewer harmful additives.


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