All good things come in three
Our ensemble of houses for maximum well-being

A picturesque property

Introducing the Romantikhotel BÖSEHOF in Bad Bederkesa ("Beers" in Low German)

Our three houses are nestled in a beautiful garden: the main building houses the reception, the restaurant HEINRICHS and the event rooms. Our single and double rooms are located in Haus Allmers, and the family rooms and suites are located in Haus Bohls. No matter where you stay, you never have to go outside to get to the swimming pool and saunas, because all the houses in our romantic hotel near Cuxhaven in Germany are connected by corridors.


Like home, only better

Individual & charming

Rooms & suites in 2 connected houses

Lush nature

Nestled in a park landscape

Close to holiday heaven

Spa area accessible through connecting corridors

No wonder that Captain Böse fell in love with this peaceful spot back in 1826. The same thing happens to us each day.

Here at the Romantikhotel Bösehof in Lower Saxony, it is our aim to provide you with an oasis of refreshment and relaxation surrounded by nature.

By dividing the property into three neighbouring houses, you are always close to the action, while at the same time enjoy undisturbed peace and privacy.

We spent three nights at this beautiful house.
Everything exudes a sense of cosiness and you feel very welcome.
The service in all areas was impeccable, friendly and courteous.

Pampering and well-being of the highest level is what the team at the Bösehof has made their mission and they implement it perfectly in EVERYTHING. Whether it's the spa and wellness, the park and rooms, the culinary delights and the atmosphere - you'll find plenty of planning, consideration and attention to detail throughout.

All buildings are connected to each other, which means that you can get everywhere and stay dry - especially during the current snow and ice season. There are a total of almost 50 rooms available, some of which are suites.

Sweet dreams
Almost too good to be true.

Experience Moments

Wellness and winter, holidays and relaxation or a couple of lovers: our packages bring together what belongs together.

Böses Gutes

24.05.2024 – 19.12.2024
1 to 14 nights
from 114 €
Inclusive price per person

Three for two & kids for free (summer special in July & August)

28.05.2024 – 31.07.2024
3 nights
from 162 €
per Person

Böses Bestes

28.05.2024 – 19.12.2024
1 to 14 nights
from 154 €
Inclusive price per person

Island magic

01.07.2024 – 30.09.2024
3 nights
from 420 €
Inclusive price per person

Fastenwandern - nur telefonisch buchbar

22.09.2024 – 29.09.2024
7 nights
from 756 €
Inclusive price per person

Home is not necessarily a place. Rather, it is the feeling of having finally arrived.


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