Holiday magic
Between the North Sea, Elbe and Weser.
Moments of silence
Immerse yourself and recharge your batteries in Bad Bederkesa.
Precious moments
Enjoy natural Nordic cuisine.
Special days
For small groups and large meetings.
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1 Adult
2 Adults
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Romantikhotel Bösehof

Happy days in the north

The traditional hotel in Bad Bederkesa, Geestland

Almost like a fairy tale, hidden in the midst of forests, moors and lakes lies the Romantik Hotel Bösehof in Bad Bederkesa. The magic of this place was soon recognised by the old Captain Böse in 1826. And there are still many wonderful reasons to visit us: the longing for peace and quiet, the desire for good food, the celebration of beautiful occasions. Our hotel in Geestland is centrally located between Hamburg, Bremen, Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven – just half an hour's drive from the North Sea coast.

Once upon a time there was a sugar manufacturer from Bremen whose great hospitality lives on to this day.

Sweet dreams
Almost too good to be true.

Experience Moments

our packages bring together what belongs together.

Böses Gutes

24.05.2024 – 19.12.2024
1 to 14 nights
from 114 €
Inclusive price per person

Three for two & kids for free (summer special in July & August)

28.05.2024 – 31.07.2024
3 nights
from 162 €
per Person

Böses Bestes

28.05.2024 – 19.12.2024
1 to 14 nights
from 154 €
Inclusive price per person

Island magic

01.07.2024 – 30.09.2024
3 nights
from 420 €
Inclusive price per person

Fastenwandern - nur telefonisch buchbar

22.09.2024 – 29.09.2024
7 nights
from 756 €
Inclusive price per person
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