In love with the north

The fascination of the North Sea is unbroken – experience it with us

The Romantikhotel Bösehof is located just 30 kilometres from the North Sea coast. Exciting adventures await young and old explorers at every turn. Read here what you should not miss as a fan of the sea!

Mudflat hikes
Exploring the UNESCO World Natural Heritage site

Explore the fascinating Wadden Sea from Cuxhaven with an experienced guide. Tours to the island of Neuwerk are particularly recommended. The visitor center in Cuxhaven provides information for those interested in the mudflats.

Sand and green beaches
Wildly romantic North Sea

For those who prefer to stay dry, we recommend a visit to one of the many North Sea beaches. Among the sandy beaches, you'll find the natural beach Kap Jakob and the beaches in Cuxhaven Duhnen and Döse, while green beaches include Otterndorf or the Grimmershörn Bay.

North Sea islands
Where water and land meet

Perfect for a day trip are the boat tours to the offshore islands. With the ferry, you can go from Cuxhaven, for example, to Helgoland or Sylt. The untouched nature and the changing tides provide spectacular views.

Life and economy by the sea

For those interested in the sea and shipping, the Elbe-Weser triangle is the right place to be: The Fisheries Museum in Cuxhaven, the Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven, as well as many tours and cruises around the nearby ports, offer interesting insights.


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