On a treasure hunt

Discovering cultural highlights and finding creative souvenirs


If you have some spare time during your vacation, don't miss the opportunity to delve deeper into the history and culture of our beautiful homeland. In the Elbe-Weser triangle, there are many opportunities to get to know the land and its people better. And of course, a shopping trip or two should also be on the agenda!

Shopping in the Elbe-Weser triangle

Shopping opportunities begin just 500 meters away from Bösehof in the town center of Beers or at the local weekly market. For more options, there's the outlet & shopping center at the Hafenwelten Bremerhaven, about 25 km away and easily accessible by car or bus. Here, you'll surely find the right thing for you or a loved one.

Discovering the culture of Northern Germany

You can get closer to the history of our country in the numerous museums, such as the castle and the Museum of Crafts in Beers or in the German Emigration Center and the Climate House in Bremerhaven. At the Bremerhaven City Theater, you can experience musical theater, ballet, drama, and philharmonic concerts.


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